Alma 32:41

...Nourish the tree as it beginneth to grow, by your faith with great diligence, and with patience, looking forward to the fruit thereof, it shall take root; and behold it shall be a tree springing up unto everlasting life.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Layout using the crop kit

The beach kit that the crop kit came from is even cooler. More colors and awesome elements. It's by Karla Marano and can be found at Tina Williams' designs I took this picture on the fourth of July. My sister and brother-in-law brought over the slip and slide- mostly for their 8 year old daughter. My brother and brother-in-law could not resist. They said it hurt though and looked at the warning label at the top of the slide. It is not recommended for use by anyone over 5' 3" or 120 lbs! LOL ! They are tall boys and definitely not 120. Even with the pain they couldn't stop sliding.

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