Alma 32:41

...Nourish the tree as it beginneth to grow, by your faith with great diligence, and with patience, looking forward to the fruit thereof, it shall take root; and behold it shall be a tree springing up unto everlasting life.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Been busy scrapping and KKD CT call

Shawnery Mathis has come out with a Back to school kit. Since my son is much to young for school I thought it would work well with my Kindergarten photos. heehee. That was a long time ago. Amazingly I still remember the names of most of the people in my class. Just first names for the most part. I probably can remember them because we remained in school together until I moved in 4th grade. I kept in touch with two of them for a little while after that. Anyway. Hope you enjoy my trip down memory lane...
Based on feedback I altered this LO from the one I posted earlier. I Made the photo more the center of attention and made the stars smaller. I really like the ruler frame and the gold star. This is made with Karla's back to School kit, her stars freebie on her blog, Scrapgirl's folded corner template, and Kate Hadfield's Doodle paper Alpha.

We had a fun day in Santa Monica last week with one of my best friends, Catherine. Kaden loved the teeny tiny aquarium and Catherine and I loved the shopping. I used Shawnery's Beauty in Nature kit and Seebee's Photo cluster freebie from her blog.

I love and some of my favorite artists there do this simple graphic style. I love it but have a hard time leaving so much white space. Matt doesn't like it as much either. I think it is beautiful though. This is my first attempt at it. I realized afterward that most of the people who do this style make it 8 and 1/2 by 11. I think that is a better size. I may have to do an album like this of some of the more serious photos of Kaden. I have the album and sleeves so I might as well . Extra bonus I can print it out on my own printer. For this page I used Karla's blog freebie Denim and Grunge for the background paper. The brushes are Choice Spring by callmereal designs and the fonts are Pristine, Garamond, and Poor Richard.

Karla is having another CT call! Check out her blog in my blogroll for more info. I love being on her CT and highly recommend it!


Friday, August 24, 2007

Shawnery Mathis has a new kit up!

She is now selling at Plain digital wrapper . Her newest kit is a back to school kit complete with kids paintings. The Element pack has more than 110 files in it!!! Talk about value and fun stuff to play with!! Love it!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nice Matters!

I've been nominated for a nice matters award! Misty at Li'l Buck Creations nominated me! I've never been nominated for anything before. I feel special!

Interesting story- when I was in fifth grade I was rejected from the "popular" crowd because I was too nice and polite. Haha! Now it's all paid off. :) j/k

So in turn I nominate in no particular order
1. mesokee
2. Sarah at Scrap blog
3. Gina at Peeking into Liam's world
4. Jenny at True Nature
5. Heather at a Jagged Thought

All very nice and wonderfully talented friends!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Suggestions welcome

Kaden riding with me in the Ergo. Still loving it. We went to Santa Monica for the day and I carried him most of the time. He was so much happier- I think he likes being up high and looking around as well as being close to mommy.

Here's my latest LO using Karla's back to school kit. I've been wanting to make some growth chart milestone pages of Kaden and I thought the Rulers in this kit would be great for it. I may keep experimenting with this- not sure this is my favorite design for it. I also used a curled edge template from Scrapgirls and Kate Hadfield's doodle alpha. And Karla's freebie stars from her blog. I also used a brush by Jason Gaylor.

Suggestions are welcome.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lovin' Babywearing!

I am new to babywearing even though my son is now 18 months. I tried a Bjorn and a sling(not a wrap type one though) a little when he was younger but never really took to it. It was more inconvenient- too hard to get him in and out and uncomfortable to wear. I found an Ergo recently at our local consignment shop and picked it up. I love it!!! I got it more with an eye to the next baby since I am not too excited about a double stroller and I figure I will need a way to carry around baby #2 while chasing baby #1. I love it for baby #1 and so does he. He gets so antsy in the stroller sometimes or just wants to run around the store or be held. This way I can talk to him, bounce him, or carry him on my back(he loves piggy back rides) easily. My true test for it was when I used it at the grocery store. I stuck him on my back because he always wriggles out of the safety straps on the cart and stands up. It was a much easier trip than others. I spent an hour with him comfortably on my back. He would fuss occasionally but much less than he does in the cart and I didn't have to stress over him falling out of the cart. Yay for babywearing! My husband has noticed how much happier Kaden is with it too. I'd love to try some other styles of babywearing gear but can't justify it when I have the great Ergo already. Also I am not sure how well the Ergo will work for a newborn- -we would have to buy an insert. So I signed up for When 2 became 3's giveaway for a wrap! You should go and sign up too!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Mohawk Mishap

Recently my husband asked me to buzz his hair. He usually keeps it a little longer and spiky on the top but he was feeling the summer heat and wanted it shorter. I think it's the easiest kind of haircut for me to give him and he looks good in it so I agreed. He is in charge of setting everything up for me to cut his hair and also cleaning it up afterwards. So he set up his chair and everything and handed me the clippers .... WITH NO ATTACHMENT. I looked at them and then thought- oh yeah he wants a buzz so this should be fine. NOT FINE! I shaved his head! Poor guy! When we realized that I had shaved it he asked for a mohawk for one night. If I had cut straight he might have kept it longer but truthfully it looked a little funny and the next day was church and a poorly cut mohawk just didn't seem in the right spirit for church. So he kept it for just one night and wore his hat when we went out. It was pretty funny. The next morning I shaved his whole head. I am so glad that his hair grows fast! It looked normal again in about two weeks. Poor guy! I won't make that mistake again- I hope!

The Cardboard in this LO is from Reelynn's Beauty in Nature kit. The Duct tape frame is a freebie from Designs by Valerie Foster- she just got picked up as a designer for! The tattoo brush is by Jason Gaylor. And the rest is from Mindy Armour from her kit A Guy Thing Muchie. The Fonts are Courier and For the Hundredth Time.

Monday, August 6, 2007

New LOs

The above LO is made using Reelynn's Geocaching and Beauty in nature kit. The title is done using her Paint splatters and Paintbrush Alpha. All will be available at her store at Designing-moments is going to be closing and all of her kits will be transferred to Scrapprofessor.

I love this photo of DS. He has been trying to stack his blocks for awhile without luck because they are too small. He easily stacks these cans though so maybe I need to get him some bigger blocks. Poor DH was worried the whole time that he would drop the cans on his(DS'S) feet. Of course only DH got hit with the falling cans. :) Kaden enjoyed knocking them down.
We tried taking photos of the three cousins on my side of the family while we were on vacation. Obviously we were not so successful. Kaden is giving his version of the "all done" sign in the middle photo. LOL! Taking photos of kids is not easy.

I used Karla's Backyard Buganza kit( and Vickie Stegall's Glitz Alpha freebie from Oscraps.