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...Nourish the tree as it beginneth to grow, by your faith with great diligence, and with patience, looking forward to the fruit thereof, it shall take root; and behold it shall be a tree springing up unto everlasting life.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Update on Goals

Appropriate for January 1st right?

So I am sticking with my goals that I started, oh a month or so ago...

Potty Train Kaden- I think I have made this a much longer process than it needs to be... Current status- if I leave him half naked and make him go to the bathroom every half hour to an hour he stays dry but eventually poops on the floor (or goes in the diaper or pullup during naptime) . If I put underwear on him and make him go the bathroom every half hour to hour he has an accident. It seems like anything on the bottom half of his body signals diaper to him. Any suggestions? Books or routines that worked miracles for you? Getting him trained and fully clothed again would be a huge blessing.
Goal: Have him trained by his third b-day(feb 22). I know he can do's just convincing him that he wants to do it...

Improve my Clean House routines- Status- My house is overwhelmingly, depressingly messy. Asher is crawling all over and getting into everything. My house feels small and cluttered. It stresses me out and it's cramping my creativity. So it's gotten to intervention status. I need an action plan here. I will probably try and pick up Fly Lady since logically I know that's what I need to do. Our dishwasher just broke so I need to have the landlord over- that's motivation to clean. :) They love us though cause we pay the rent on time and don't ask them to fix anything very often.
Goal: 15 min out of every waking hour are spent cleaning- even if it's just helping my son pick up the legos so he can play the next game. (so that won't take 15 min... but you get my drift) I will set the alarm on the stove and tackle something for fifteen minutes every hour. :) Maybe it's a bit unrealistic but hey I can try. And I should have success even if I fail to do it EVERY hour.

NO TV/Preschool/park- Current status- This week we've been home. Kaden actually told me, "I need to get out of the house, Mama." We did do well on the no tv front. And the goal isn't actually no tv it's tv only twice a day. I did join a playgroup so we have been going to the park recently. (just not this week) Kaden got a bike for Christmas that he needs to learn how to ride. We did some letter B activities this week.

Goal: TV only in the morning when he first gets up and at night- the last hour before Daddy gets home. Video/computer games cannot replace TV- some are allowed but within reason. Go to the park at least once a week. Do an activity with Kaden once a day.

Read scriptures every day- I joined this blog Grasping at Rods to discuss the sunday school reading. I teach a children's sunday school class during the adult sunday school class at church. It will be nice to have an adult discussion about the scriptures and accountability for my reading. I need the extra push right now. There was a quote from one of my sunday school lessons to the 10 year olds that said, essentially, that you can gauge your spiritual growth by how you are treating other people. I found that interesting. I've been in a spiritual lull for awhile(oh the excuses I could give you but I won't)and I don't think I have been a very fun person to live with either. So this seems like just the push I need to get back in the right direction.

Budget: We are going to the envelope method for our food budget. It's just to help us really see where our money is going. We want to save as much as possible this year. First we are saving our emergency fund. Since Matt is freelance we would like to have 6-12 months in living expenses in our emergency fund. Wish us luck and send us gift cards. LOL J/k


Pasifik said...

Pretty busy days for you, I guess! Good luck with your goals!

Happy blogging,

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Michelle Williams said...

Just remember to not be too hard on yourself. As your Dad always says, "You may not be the best, but you're GOOD!" Good enough to get the job done well. Good enough to impress us all. Good enough to succeed at what you want most. Not a bad place to begin! Smarty pants!

Kelly said...

Your budgeting sounds like Dave Ramsey. You are doing so much, I'm impressed. It helped me when potty training to take a day or two in a row where you give them as much as possible to drink and constantly hover over them to make sure they make it. That way they get practice then it is more natural to them. Of course bribery works too. Mia wouldn't poop in the toilet and I would punish her, talk to her and nothing worked then I offered her an otter pop and she said, "oh, an otter pop if I poop in the toilet?" Sat down and pooped right then. Good luck!