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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

switch to cloth?

My little Asher Basher has eczema.  It seems to flare up with various foods he eats and maybe because of his diapers.  I switched him to some huggies pure and naturals for a month and his eczema started clearing up.  He went back to the normal huggies and his eczema started acting up again.  I  did my best to not change other things (I lotioned him the same, didn't change his diet).  We have switched back to the pure and naturals again to test the theory some more.   My guess it is a fragrance or something that is causing the eczema to act up.  Or maybe I did change more things than I realized... we'll see.  The Pure and Naturals cost twice as much as our other diapers so I am thinking maybe we will switch to cloth?  It sounds like a huge expensive pain but cloth diapering has come a long way in the last 30 years so it is easier than it used to be.  It will definitely be motivation to potty train! And may even help with potty training.  And it's good for the environment.  And in the long run it is cheaper so if I get the hang of it I can do it with the next baby.

So now the trick is... what system do I get/try?  I like the idea of the gdiapers or the Grobaby diaper systems that are hybrid.  They offer both flushable inserts and cloth inserts.  I've read that the gdiapers have a harder learning curve and are leakier until you get the hang of it.  The grobaby version seems newer and more popular but I think they are pricier too.  I've also read that the flushable inserts are more gross to deal with than the cloth but the cloth aren't absorbent enough for night time.  I've read where people use the gdiaper cover with bumgenius microfiber inserts and a layer of fleece over that (microfiber is too absorbent and will suck needed moisture off of the skin too but the fleece protects from that).  I'd like something not too bulky since he is a toddler and moving around a ton.  Any recommendations? So many decisions!

So the very day I thought about switching  to cloth Little Birdie Secrets offered a Cloth diaper giveaway!  A gift certificate to Great Lakes Diaper Company.  Woohoo!  This would be a great opportunity for me to get some Grobaby or Fuzzibuns to try!  Go check out the options at Great Lakes Diaper company- as I said- Cloth diapers have come a long way.


Clara said...

we use gdiapers around here :) I've liked them. I use the cloth inserts, it does take a while to get use to them but if you change often... Actually I have a 6 pack that I got on sale a while back that I haven't used... if you want to buy them off of me, you are more than welcome to them. How much does Asher weigh? I use the cloth insert from they are a little cheaper than gdiapers and it's basically the same. I have a whole method for washing if you want it. I think an email would work better for that! Oh the reason I went with gdiapers is because I'm a tree hugger now, well I am but my friend in Eugene tried all the different brands with her boys and liked the gdiapers the best so I just went with what she said. Ok long enough

Michelle Williams said...

It's definately worth a try, maybe he would sleep better at night.

Kim said...

The fragrance and chemicals make a HUGE difference. My son has eczema, but we were fortunate enough to not have it in the diaper area.
I have noticed that the Pure and Natural diapers are softer and feel like they are fuller sooner. I found myself changing them more often without realizing it.