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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Asher's Dragon costume!

I found a cool knight costume for Kaden at Costco. It was 20 bucks but it was so cool and came with so many parts I decided to get it anyway. I am hoping that it will be a dress up costume that the boys wear for play. Kaden loves the idea of it and wore it when we first brought it home... now though he refuses to wear it and I am wondering if I will be lucky enough to get him in it for Halloween. I think he will get the 20 bucks of use out of the sword and hopefully Asher will be more willing to wear the costume when he is big enough. And who knows, there is enough length in the knight costume that Kaden can have the opportunity to wear it for the next two years. :)

Isn't it awesome?!  I hope he starts to wear it... Anyway.  I decided to make a costume for Asher.  He is going to be a dragon to go with Kaden's Knight.  I am just in the beginning stages of this project so I thought I would document the journey.  This is my first time trying to make an elaborate costume.
So first here is my inspiration for the dragon.

I saw this amazing costume on Little Birdie Secrets and thought that the felt feathers would make great Dragon scales!
Etsy Owl Costume by Lollapanoplies
Isn't that and amazing costume!

 I searched Etsy for dragon tails and wings.  I found lots of tails and this dino hoodie.
 Dragon Tail and Wings by Contrive
Monster zip Hoodie by LittleAngelsJewelry

Yesterday I went in search of supplies to help me create this costume.

I found a hoodie at a second hand shop for 3 bucks.
I will use hand me down sweats we already have on hand.
I found fairy wings at the dollar store with a good metal frame that I will recover to make Dragon wings.
I found silver nylons to recover the fairy wings and the dollar store too. 
Felt (eco felt- so it's made from recycled bottles) 1 yard in green and 6 9x12 sheets in neon green, blue, and purple (for accents)
I already have fiber fill to fill the tail and I think I will fill the end of the tail with beans to weight it down (this I will have to experiment with and tweak)

So after all the time and effort and supplies I buy it will be at least 20 bucks but it is oh so fun to be crafty and try to figure all of this out.  I am hopeful that it will be a pretty cool costume too!  :)  Pictures to come as I start putting stuff together! 

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Michelle Williams said...

All the ideas look very FUN, I can't wait to see the progress! Love to see you be so creative. Being creative lifts my soul roo.