Alma 32:41

...Nourish the tree as it beginneth to grow, by your faith with great diligence, and with patience, looking forward to the fruit thereof, it shall take root; and behold it shall be a tree springing up unto everlasting life.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Angel Friday

I saw this Blog Carnival on my friends blog and decided to join in. Go here to read about Angel Friday.
Basically you write about Random Acts of Kindness (and the angels who performed them) that you have seen in your life.

Since becoming a Mom I think at least one person a day performs a RAOK for me. For example, one time I was in Target and my son was being particularly fussy. We were in the check out line, so, we didn't have too much longer in the store, but it was one of those "hurry up and wait" life moments where everything takes longer than it should. The lady behind me took out one of those bubble blowers like they give out at weddings and started blowing bubbles for my son. Then she gave me the bubbles to keep as something that I could use to help entertain him in "emergencies" like this one. Something simple, small, useful, and easily portable. It was wonderful and made my day much easier.


Michelle Williams said...

What a great idea and how thoughtful of her! I always wonder what to do with the wedding bubbles, hate to throw them away. I have a tiny bell from Liz's wedding that I can put in my purse too.

Michelle Williams said...

BTW I like the new banner!