Alma 32:41

...Nourish the tree as it beginneth to grow, by your faith with great diligence, and with patience, looking forward to the fruit thereof, it shall take root; and behold it shall be a tree springing up unto everlasting life.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Review

It has definitely been an up and down week. Tuesday and Thursday were pretty terrible. But Wednesday was great and today is ok...

Tuesday, Kaden was in full rebellion mode. We went to his class in the morning. I had to take him out of the classroom twice because he wasn't sharing and was throwing a tantrum. He was fine at the rice table and if he could play with toys by himself but he was not into social interaction at all. After class he played on the playground for an hour before we went home. He was great as soon as he got outside and was able to run around. No toys to fight over out there either. He and some other boys were really cute chasing each other around. I bribed him with french fries to leave. So since he was so good at the playground I thought he would be better the rest of the day. He took a nice long nap after his lunch too. But the rest of the afternoon and evening he kept doing the same things over and over that he knows he is not supposed to do- he kept trying to go behind the media center and taking the cushions off of the couch to jump/slide on them. I repeatedly separated him from these activities and he repeatedly went back to doing them. He also tried to sit on Asher a few times. Now, this really wasn't bad behavior on his part- he was really just trying to play with him and he doesn't get that he can't ride Asher's back like he can Mommy and Daddy's. It still scared me though and I probably yelled a few too many times. I needed to distract him more with other activities but Asher had just come down with a cold and was really needy. So I had my hands full and that just made Kaden more jealous and more rambunctious.

Wednesday was MUCH better. I prepared Kaden for Music class by telling him he would be sitting in a circle with other kids and singing. I almost didn't go based on his previous behavior but he wanted to go and I knew we needed the time out of the house. He tried to get into the toys when we first got there and laid on the floor and complained (not a full on tantrum but still annoying) when we told him no. Thankfully by the time everyone got there and class started Kaden settled down and participated. He really seemed to enjoy it. At one point he went up and sat next to the teacher but that was fine because he sat down next to her so everyone else could still see and he was still a part of the circle. I think part of what made a big difference for this class was that Asher was in his car seat instead of the baby carrier. I think that helped him feel like he had me more to himself. He did really well the rest of the day too. He and Asher both took long naps at the same time so I was able to take a nap and do the dishes. It was wonderful. Kaden also volunteered that he needed to go on the potty a few times too. I've laid off on potty training because he just doesn't seem interested in doing it enough... So it was nice to have him decide to do it few times. He earned Candy Corn and a plastic lizard.

Thursday, I was sick all day so we watched movies and played on the laptop all day long. Kaden had a terrible nap- he woke up twice crying- and seems to be coming down with this cold too. It seems to be a short one with only one really bad day. So that helps any way. I was so glad that I had done all of my dishes on Wednesday because I didn't have to worry about them at all yesterday and I don't have a big mess to clean up today. Yay! My plan to do dishes paid off with a day of mostly rest!

Today we are still getting over colds so the TV is on too much. I picked up my cousin's son from school (not feeling good and his family is all at the temple for a cousin's sealing). He took Kaden outside for a bit and I plan to do salad spinner art with them just as soon as I get off of this dang computer. That's next week's goal- limited computer time for me... :)

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