Alma 32:41

...Nourish the tree as it beginneth to grow, by your faith with great diligence, and with patience, looking forward to the fruit thereof, it shall take root; and behold it shall be a tree springing up unto everlasting life.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Insights and Monday Mommy craft

My husband is the best! We have had a crazy few months with sickness, financial stress, job changes... all of the changes have resolved for the best so far. I guess we just needed a little push outside of our comfort zone. We have been seriously blessed over the last few months. I have grown to appreciate my DH even more for the strength that he is to our family. We are his first priority and he makes sure we know it. He has two Daddy's boys on his hands. The first thing Kaden asks for in the morning is to see his Daddy. After a long hard commute and full day at work DH is always ready to play with his boys and do their bedtime routine. He is always ready to give me a break and take over. He also makes time to make sure that I know he loves me. He doesn't complain when I nag him or get grumpy. He does his best to knock me out of my bad mood (and he's not a wuss about it- he will tell me to knock it off when appropriate). He does his best to alleviate my stress and appreciates the work I do in our home. We get better at communicating every day. Recent stresses have helped that too. I am so thankful that his priority is to care for and be with us. I hope that I can be the same example of strength and encouragement for him that he is for me.

I want to be more like my DH:

I want to complain less
I want to play more- this I have been making progress on- Kaden and I have done more craft projects lately and I have been getting on the floor more to play(which gives me more motivation to vacuum and sweep)
I want to do things that I don't want to do without complaining because of my love for my family- (which for me includes much of my responsibilities, well, at least, the house cleaning and diaper changing and potty training half(sometimes these responsibilities seem like more than half)- the playing and making a mess and even cooking dinner half is pretty fun)
I want to work hard at my job- I escape to the internet or watch a show a little toooo often
I want to be creative- this I do pretty well...sometimes too well as my messy house will attest

So I will think twice before I say things.
I will remind myself daily of all of the wonderful things my DH does for our family. It is easy to forget that he is working all day when he is not with us and then I want him to be superman(do the dishes, take out the trash, watch the boys and all at the same time because that's what I think I should be doing all day) in the few hours that he is home. That isn't fair to either of us ( I don't live up to those expectations either). He really is being superman and I need to remember that all the time.
I will keep playing and doing crafts. I started doing "preschool" time with Kaden on Friday. We learned about all things A.
I will start structuring our day more so that there are more routine times(flexibility is still important) for me to get my chores done. If I plan for it, I will do it, and then I will be working harder.
I will keep playing and doing crafts. Creativity makes me happy! I want to create more decorative/functional spaces in our house. This will be a monthly goal and my weekly goal within that monthly goal is: Clean and organize my craft space in the kitchen.

So here is my Mommy Craft! I scrapped a page! I used Pencil Lines sketch 111 to guide me. I Love that site! Excellent inspiration! Mainly, I used A Boy's Playground by Karla Marano. The SHER and the Date circles are from the CT appreciation Kit that numerous CT's recieved. The A is from Karla's Road Rulez alpha.

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Michelle Williams said...

Love the page! I want to be more like your DH too, what a good guy! Love youa all!!!